2012 Parade Photos

//2012 Parade Photos
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Marv Sloben, our official photographer, has photos of the boats. He can be contacted via email at Marv Sloben msloben@san.rr.com

Congratulations to our winners in all categories!

Boat                                                   Trophy  Name

Scott’s Landing                                  Best  of Parade

Maverick                                             San  Diego Bay Parade of Lights Committee Award

Seafarer                                             San  Diego Port Tenant Award

Fantasea                                            Best  Yacht Club Entry

Right Here Right Now                        Runner  up Best Yacht Club Entry

Angler Management                           Best  Marina Entry

Charlotte Ann                                     Runner  up Best Marina Entry

Dolphin                                               Best  of Power (Commercial)

Double Down                                     Runner  up Best of Power (Commercial)

Blue Sky                                             Best  of Power (Private) for boats 46 ft. and over

Dr. Sic                                                Runner  up Best of Power (Private) for boats 46 ft.

Pylon                                                  Best  of Power (Private) for boats 33 to 45 ft.

Whiskers                                            Runner  up Best of Power (Private) – boats 33 to 45

Mary Elsa                                           Best  of Power (Private) for boats 32 ft. and under

Second Chance                                 Runner  up Best of Power (Private) for boats 32 ft.

Aquamarine II                                     Best  of Commercial Sail

America                                             Runner  Up Best of Commercial Sail

Windswept                                         Best  of Sail (Private) 46 ft. and over

Brazen Hussey                                  Runner  up Best of Sail (Private) 46 ft. and over

Kai Ora                                               Best  of Sail (Private) 33 to 45 ft.

Aslan                                                  runner  up Best of Sail (Private) 33 to 45 ft.

Escape                                               Best  of Sail (Private) 32 ft. and under

Wind & Wing                                      Runner  up Best of Sail (Private) 32 ft. and under

SWC Outrigger Canoe                      Best  Self Powered

Lokalani2                                            Runner  up Self Powered

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