A Star Clippers sailing is not your typical cruise. We don’t  have Vegas-style revues in a grand theater or a casino with  slots, blackjack and poker. We don’t have dozens of bars,  lounges and restaurants. And we don’t have an overwhelming  sense of “there’s too much to do on board.”  We also don’t have thousands of guests, a crowded dining  room, long lines at our buffet and cramped deck space.  A vacation is meant to be relaxing, and that is the order of  the day at Star Clippers. We have a higher deck-space-perguest  ratio than most cruise lines, so our guests can always find a lounge chair to soak up some sun, enjoy the ocean  breeze or catch up on a good book. Our guests dine in one unhurried sitting, so they can take their time and enjoy the meal with new friends. They are greeted by name, and their preferences remembered by our attentive staff. And our guests are pampered with all of the major amenities found on a typical cruise vacation.Authentic sailing adventure

The Mega-Yacht Sailing Experience

  • Just 170 or 227 pampered guests
  • All the modern amenities of a private Mega-Yacht
  • International cuisine complemented by fine wines
  • Dine with whomever and whenever you want
  • Casual, relaxed ambience – no need to dress up
  • Visit off the beaten path ports of call
  • Full range of water sports
  • Sail in full harmony with the environment
  • No crowds or long lines